I've been collecting policerecords and stuff for several years and now I want to share my passion with everyone who's interested.


I'm a policefan for over 30 years now and did not do anything more but enjoy their music.

(Thanks to Frits Spits for this inspiration!)
Then I came across this website in France, followtheleaders.fr, and everything changed, thanks Raphaël ;-)
His website is still the holy grail for Policecollectors in my opinion so also visit it if you want.


My website is going to contain my whole collection of records and stuff, most of the records will be separated in United Kingdom, United States, Japan & Rest Of The World (ROTW).

I will also mention the matrixcodes of records if there are more than one in the collection, Handwritten (Hw) or Machinetype (Mt), you can find more information about matrixcodes here.


Making this website wil take a lot of time (years) so it's constantly growing, I'm also still buying items so it's almost never ending.


If you have any questions, corrections, thumbs up or records to swap or for sale you can MAIL me.


I hope you'll enjoy my collection and find inspiration, please do return,




April 2011




Latest Updates






17-02-2020 : Albums - Outlandos.., Venezuela 1979 Rare Promo


19-02-2020 : Albums - Outlandos.., Venezuela 1978 White Label


03-03-2020 : Singles - Spirits.., UK A2/B1 Matrixcode Added, Don't Stand.. '86, UK Blue Label Completed


10-03-2020 : Singles - Walking.., UK 12" Signed By All


12-03-2020 : Singles - Don't Stand.., Holland 2A-1(C)/1B-1(A) Matrixcode Added, Bootlegs - 1981, 22nd Februari 2CD Added


15-03-2020 : Compilations - Sting & The Police, UK Adcanced CD Added


17-03-2020 : Singles - Don't Stand.., UK Picture Disc Matrixcode A-PD3/B-PD3 Added